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Does it go down the first time, every time or does it clog on occasion, if not regularly! I ask you again, "Does your toilet flush every time without any problems"?

Fair $ Dollar can’t be matched. The quality of both our workmanship and the material offered is in a class by itself. I, the General Manager, was a programmer and network designer back in the 1990s, whereas, during all operations, everything is studied, scrutinized, refigured and re-analyzed.

Our research has taken nearly (5) years in order to uncover the ‘Best Flowing Toilet Design’ proven through replication. This means the strongest flowing unit that does not clog, time after time after time. That is all we sell. The final conclusion was determined by only one model that never needed a plunger and is what we will provide for your convenience and practicality.

This unit meets all state and federal regulations. Through our research, an entire roll of Angel Soft 2-ply toilet paper went down in a single flush. To be sure that this was no fluke, it was repeated time again and again and again.

After all testing was completed and the correct conclusion made, this version was installed in my main floor bathroom. I kept an eye on it and within a month, all other units were replaced as well. It is now the only one that we carry at Fair $ Dollar Plumbing!

I am a believer…